J-Ro Vs Brain, pt 8

Brain: “Remember that bit in Friends?”

Me: “That narrows it down, cheers. I hate you.”

Brain: “The bit where Jon Lovitz shows up at Monica’s apartment stoned out of his tree. Hilarious. I think I’ll play that on a loop for the next couple of hours.”

Me: “I’m off to stick my head in the microwave.”

Brain: “It’s HILARIOUS. Look, he’s throwing cereal around and laughing at the word ‘tartlets’. Genius. I’ve to watch it again.”

Me: “Why are you doing this? It’s 4.56am. That’s not even a real time. Nobody does anything at that time. Except fucking SLEEP. Or play Call of Duty.”

Brain: “You gave me four cans of Red Bull last night. YOU TELL ME, GENIUS. Oh, look, he said ‘tartlets’ again. I’m weak!!”

Me: “Dickhead.”

Brain: “Count yourself lucky I’m not looping drum n’ bass with Japanese speed metal right now….hee hee hee…TARTLETS!!”