J-Ro Vs Brain, pt 2

Me: “I just woke up from a dream where I spent most of it dressed as Spider-Man.”

Brain: “I know, right? I knew you’d like it. You’re welcome.”

Me: “I wasn’t actually a superhero though…I was just wandering the town dressed as one. Like a crazy person. Or the loneliest stag party in the world.”

Brain: “Look, I did my best, okay?”

Me: “AND Betty White was dead in the dream as well. What the fuck?”

Brain: “Give me a break. It was a busy day. I can only work with what you give me.”

Me: “It’s because I watched those Made in Chelsea episodes on 4oD isn’t it? You just don’t want me to have fun anymore.”

Brain: “All I’m saying is this time last year I was reading the works of Wollstonecraft, Blake, and Shakespeare. Now you’re giving me dumb rich assholes staring vacantly into the distance while trying to shag each other in between so-called ‘random’ trips to Dubai on Daddy’s credit card.”

Me: “Fair point. Snobby bastard.”

Brain: “Keep reaching for those intellectual stars…”