Poem For Repeal

A Cross Bitch Writes An Acrostic

Robbed of our autonomy
Entombed by our wombs
Patronised by Patriarchy
Eventually something’s got to give
As persecuted women rise to Repeal
Living their truth, their pain in public

Time will tell for Mná na hÉireann
Hell will freeze before we bow down
Eviscerate the lies and slander

Enough is enough! Our Bodies, Our Rights!
In these heartbeats of ours pulses inherent right to life
Grovel on foreign soil no more, you grieving souls
Home is where the heart should be healing
Together for our human rights, we rally against hate
Hoping for the victorious day we say goodbye to Eight.


Jen Ronan 2018.


About JayRow

Singer, songwriter, student radio broadcaster, teacher, commitment-phobe, depressive, loudmouth, Facebook obsessive, blogging addict, celebrity hassler, professional stalker, pipe dreamer, ambitious young thing!
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