A Lost Love Poem

Insignificant Other

Image by http://www.ponandzi.com/

Greetings, lover! It’s me

your stepping stone,

your secret cheerleader,

your ego buffer.

I’m the invisible lily pad

you use to reach the other side of the pond

while everyone thinks that





Your halo is a brass ring, polished daily, vigorously by another,

Not knowing it was forged by us in the fire and heat of our soulmate lust.

I subtracted from me to add to you, now

I am less than zero.

You are in a pair between two brackets

I am now a remainder.

But when you see me on a screen,

I am always – a reminder.


Jen Ronan, 2018


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Singer, songwriter, student radio broadcaster, teacher, commitment-phobe, depressive, loudmouth, Facebook obsessive, blogging addict, celebrity hassler, professional stalker, pipe dreamer, ambitious young thing!
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