Fuck the State.

Fuck the Church.

They are co-conspirators in a mass atrocity. Inflicted on CHILDREN.

Tiny babies and toddlers dead and stuffed into septic tanks to rot.

Naturally our oh-so-noble, equal and swift justice system will process and document each & every one of the bodies of these poor forgotten children, kicking off massive enquiries and offering fantastic support systems and counselling to the bereaved families of the victims as they hunt down all those responsible for this disgusting betrayal of one of its most vulnerable groups in society. Including themselves.

Naturally. I’m sure they’ll get right on that.

Because they’re all Pro-Life, right?

They’re all about saving the unborn, they can’t talk enough about that. See how quiet they get once a woman or a young girl suffering a crisis pregnancy is forced to carry to term and give birth to a child? When both of them need all the compassion, empathy and support in a community sense and a material sense, where are the pro-life pulpit-bashers then? Not anywhere giving a shit about the little children mentioned in the bible that their Lord and Saviour Jesus had spoken about so lovingly, apparently.

Oh heavens no, those babies don’t count. They don’t mean them. They meant the ‘good’ girls, the respectable married ones, the middle class ones. Not the babies belonging to the girls who brought shame on their families. Let’s ship them all up there, they’ll be grand. Everyone get on with your lives back home, nothing to see here.

Side note: No fathers anywhere, obviously. It’s a medical miracle how so many young girls could self-impregnate in early 20th Century Ireland, don’t you think?

Sure those girls are only trouble anyway. Let the Church look after them. You know, because the Church has such a stellar track record of care and consideration towards women and children. Clean hands all the way throughout history in the good old Roman Catholic Church over here, don’t you know.

EIGHT HUNDRED infants and toddlers died up in Tuam while in the care of a church organisation, aided and abetted by the State. A State which will now have to investigate the thing it’s involved in itself up to its own misogynistic, jaundiced little eyeballs. This should be good…

I’m too withered to write any more. Too tired, too weary, too hopeless. Just wanted to add my voice to the raging wall of sound that’s building against a crime so abhorrent and a cover-up so sickening that it will, hopefully, forever change our consciousness as a nation.

May those poor women, young girls and children abandoned so callously by their communities and their country get the justice and the peace they deserve.

Photo: Ray Ryan 


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  1. Almost in tears listening to the stories from the Citizen’s Assembly and just so, so disappointed in this country and the horrors it inflicts on women to this day.

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