J-Ro Vs Brain, pt 3

Me: “I just thought of something and now I can’t remember it.”

Brain: “I know what it is.”

Me: “Tell me then!”

Brain: “Well if you’re too lazy to make an effort to take notice of your thoughts…”

Me: “Every time you do this to me. EVERY TIME. How many is this now?”

Brain: “About twenty-three at my last count. They’re all really good ones too. One could even change your whole outlook on life and change things for the better.”

Me: “Which one was that?”

Brain: “I’m not telling you, all I’ll say is you moved it to make room for an episode of Jersey Shore a couple of months ago, and I gave it a good home instead.”

Me: “Joke’s on you, douchebag. It’s all in under my name anyway, so even if you steal them and pass them off as your own, I STILL get all the credit. There’s no technology available to let a brain function independently outside of a body yet. Boom!”

Brain: “Actually, that’s idea number seventeen. So one day you’ll wake up and be responsible for that dream coming true. Ironic isn’t it?”

Me: “I think it’s time I started electrocuting myself for fun…”

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