Hey, a job’s a job…

Out and about last night in Limerick:

Friend X: “Check out the state of the ladies walking down this way…”

Me: “Oh. My. God. Are they not cold?? Look at yer wan with the ripped jeans!!”

Friend Y: “Don’t mind her, look at the yoke in the matching red leather pants and jacket…is she auditioning for Thriller?”

Friend X: “They look like hookers.”

Friend Y: “They ARE hookers. Definitely.”

Friend X: “How do you know?”

Friend Y: “Well, now they’re each strutting on a street corner looking at cars passing and sticking their chests out.”

Me: “The one in the middle looks like the discount version.”

Friend Y: “Nah, she’s the pimp. Too mean to be anything else.”

Me: “Fair enough. C’mon so, it’s getting cold, let’s head off and stop staring shall we?”

Friend X: “No, wait!!”

Me and Friend Y: “Why??”

Friend X: “I’ve never seen real prostitutes before. this is great fun…”


And that’s one of many reasons why I love Limerick…

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