Honest Valentine Card Slogans…

"With bitter undertones and just a hint of sneer, this is the fragrance of love this year.."

If J-Ro ever worked for a Greeting Card Company:

“Valentine, I love you…

1.”Because you were the only bird who came back for seconds that night”

2.”Because it’s less expensive to stay together than a messy divorce”

3. “Because you have the same name as my ex and saved me hundreds of euro in laser tattoo removal.”

4. “Because we’re living proof that second best is better than nothing.”

5. “Because my screaming fear of dying alone is now reduced to a low hum”

6. “Because you’ve a rapid arse in those jeans, and that’s all I really know at this stage..”

7.”Because it’s the only date that I remember apart from my mom’s birthday. And you’ll NEVER love me the way she does..”

And, finally, the all-time classic:

8. “Because I was stupid enough to go out on the prowl at the beginning of February…”

Happy Valentine’s Day, suckahs!!

(Lots of round-the-calendar love, J-Ro xoxo)

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