You know you should have stayed in bed when…

  1. You wake up by accidentally slapping yourself in the face with your own dead arm.
  2. You answer a call from a ‘blocked’ number and it’s the credit card people asking when they can expect your kidney as minimum payment.
  3. You burst into tears watching the homeless man with ‘the golden voice’ talking about his second chance at life.
  4. You make a crappy cup of tea – and drink it anyway, cos you’re a martyr.

    It's going to be one of those days...

  5. You sneer at the guests on Jeremy Kyle as per usual, only to realise they have more exciting lives than you.
  6. You read Charlie Brooker…to get a more positive outlook on life.
  7. You feel severe separation anxiety at the thought of leaving your Snuggie behind.
  8. You overhear someone talk about the movies they watched on TV at Christmas and they ask “What’s a Gremlin?”
  9. You switch over from one radio station because they were playing Matt Cardle only to be greeted by the same song on the other station.
  10. You upload your bank statement online to – and it’s accepted.

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Singer, songwriter, student radio broadcaster, teacher, commitment-phobe, depressive, loudmouth, Facebook obsessive, blogging addict, celebrity hassler, professional stalker, pipe dreamer, ambitious young thing!
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