Aliens at Christmas – Mark My Words..

I reckon if we are ever going to be invaded by Alien overlords, the days between Christmas Day and New Year’s would be the time to do it. We’re all sluggish from Christmas gluttony, hangovers, our brain activity is at an all-time low from bad telly and emotional responses to Cliff Richard songs, and nobody ever knows what day of the week it is between 25th and 30th December. Not to mention the mass genocide of turkeys, who, as anyone with half a brain knows, are the extra-terrestrial equivalent of the Peace Corps cleverly disguised as farm birds. Not the best disguise to have at Christmas, but they weren’t to know. Which is why the invaders will pick the Christmas In-Between days to launch an attack. Dunno about you but all this bad weather and collapse of basic ultilities is a bad omen. If anyone needs me I’ll be mass-buying tinned food in Lidl and heading out the back to build my bunker.

Don’t get me started on those electric windmills either. They’re in on it too. You heard it here first. Just sayin’…

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