Things Anthony from Liveline needs to know…

Twilight isn’t a documentary.

Snoop Dogg is not canine in any form, nor is 50 (or 60) Cent a shapeshifting form of currency.

The Rubberbandits style of humour is Limerick at its finest, and if you don’t get it, fuck off and go back to your book-burning hobby.

People in the telly aren’t actually IN the telly – that’s technology. You know, that thing you call sorcery.

Willie O’ Dea singlehandedly upgraded his status to all-round legend, while you gave 2 fingers to Darwin.

It’s the same sun that rises and falls every day. The old one doesn’t fall off the earth to be replaced by a new one.

It’s okay to not like stuff, even if other people do.

You just gotta let some shit go, my dear.

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  1. I absolutely love the Rubber Bandits but I think much less of our Limerick TD Willie O’Dea.

    So, Willie O’Dea wraps the Limerick flag around himself and phones in to leech off the Rubber bandits publicity. Its a pity he does not show such energy on issues such as jobs for Limerick etc.

    O’Dea makes time for electioneering posing on Liveline but does not make the effort to attend the Dail Eireann bailout debate. Did he even turn up to vote?. Then again, he is the second worst attender in the Dail.

    I wonder if this time, his failure to turn up was because, despite his radio posturing, that O’Dea was afraid that he might be photographed with the Rubber Bandits Willie O’Dea that was hanging around the Leinster House gates?

    • You could be right, but he’d have been foolish to pass up the opportunity as a politician really – very smart move on his part. But it’s great publicity for the Bandits one way or the other, so long as they get to Number 1 for Christmas it’ll all be worth it!

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