Why don’t you just say what you ‘like’?

Now I’m the last person to give out about clogging up people’s home pages on Facebook, being guilty of it myself every single day without fail, but in my defense it’s at least from my own hand and not some website that just chucks out assorted ‘oh-so-true’ phrases. Every time I log on, at least ten people in my live feed are apparently hitting ‘like’ on these external pages on the basis that whatever phrase is being bandied about rings true…”Oh my God I SOOO think that as well lol”… *like*

Whatever happened to sitting down and writing something down yourself? More importantly, why do people do it? In all fairness, some of the statements are funny, but they’d be funnier if they came from the brain of the people who clicked on them. Do people think that by clicking ‘like’ on a sentence it’s as if they wrote it? Or is it in solidarity with the meaning behind it? Or as a friend said before, they’re probably the T-Shirt slogans of this cyber-fuelled generation.

Actually these pages could be onto something. Maybe I should throw in a few of my own…I’m quite fond of getting the odd ‘like’ here and there, but only for my own hard work. It would feel like plagiarism otherwise. Here goes:

“I will cross the street to avoid those charity muggers”

“I live in a sprawling metropolis where the fun never stops, LOL jk I’m from Kildimo”

“That moment where you’ve said something wrong and you try and catch the words back with your hands”

“When you get stuck in a dress and can’t get the zip down in the changing room and your friend has left the shop”

“That awkward moment where you’re acting like you’re busy on the phone to avoid someone and your phone ACTUALLY rings”

“Turning your friends’ phone back on ‘loud’ in a lecture then ringing them in the middle of class”

“Having a really good laugh and then snorting and sounding like an Orc”

“Trying to walk all sexy down onto the dancefloor and tripping, skidding on your arse the rest of the way down. Then not being able to stand back up as your shoe fell off and you can’t get back up on the other one because it’s too high, so your male friends have to try and help you get your shoe back on, Cinderella-style, because you’re blinded by the mortification of it all…all while getting a slow clap from the entire floor….ALL WHILE SOBER.”

That last one just came to me, pure inspiration..it never happened. Nope.


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  1. It’s called creativity. Everyone has it but most are too scared to let it show. Easier to borrow someone else’s.

  2. You put that last one on a t-shirt and I’ll buy it! Pure genius! 🙂

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