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My Campaign

All for Amy

So I drew this after a brainstorming session with my younger sis Amy. I wanted to launch a campaign to get Tesco to stop running out of my favourite doughnuts. I envisioned my cause going worldwide and being showered with attention and fun and laughing babies wanting to get pictures taken with me..but instead I came off looking like a pathetic Homer Simpson-esque creature with no life. Which would be about right. Except I’m not yellow, and my 5 o’ clock shadow isn’t half as noticeable anymore because of the make-up. So there. That’s you told.

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Singer, songwriter, student radio broadcaster, teacher, commitment-phobe, depressive, loudmouth, Facebook obsessive, blogging addict, celebrity hassler, professional stalker, pipe dreamer, ambitious young thing!
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  1. Go you, Jen!!
    I know exactly what you’re going through. I remember when my favourite donut disappeared from the shop. (A yummy banana-glazed one). I was devastated!
    Luckily it came back after a few months without me having to do anything, otherwise I would’ve taken measurements too 🙂

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