I guess THIS is the real world now..

So here I am, the big three-one…I think I’m running about 10 years behind schedule, but I’m the only one keeping track so who cares?? I’ve given up the “day job” and now study Primary Teaching, which is one of very few professions which might give me a chance to be taller than people. I also try and write something every day even if it sucks..one man’s poison and all that… Can be a bit of a head wreck though. I love my friends and can’t live without them, they are my Ben and Jerry’s after the heavy meal of my family…but I love them too..for the most part.

I’m a singer, and a songwriter..so check out my Myspace and have a listen.. www.myspace.com/jennyronan I’m rather good, if you like that sort of thing.. 😛

I am small but have the temper of an East End London bouncer who was never breast fed or hugged as a baby. I have high expectations of everything I do but unfortunately I lack the patience to wait it out and see if things work.. I have zero tolerance for things that do not work..they are made to do a specific task and if they don’t then it’s wall hitting time.

I narrate most everything that goes on in my life…kind of like that movie ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ but it’s my own voice that I hear…I’d love to be in a Wes Anderson or Kevin Smith movie…I’d love to write the theme song for a Hollywood blockbuster…I want to see Sinatra live in Vegas but I’m a bit late for that…I want to write a book…no wait, lots of books…some ficton, some not…I have so much to say but so little time to say it…I have this long running feeling that I’m late..for what, I don’t know..

I like simple things like watching late night tv while faffinf about on-line talking to strangers..I like watching Gone With The Wind by myself and pretending I’m Scarlett O Hara…I like finding old books I used to read inside out in my childhood and then sitting in a big chair with the tv off and reading them again as I laugh at what I used to think was cool…

I like sketching out ideas for my next tattoo….I like playing with the notion of getting another piercing..or re-doing old ones…I like listening to cheesy R n’ B while I de-clutter my house..

I like watching Tommy Tiernan’s Live dvd and saying it word for word…or crying to Jeff Buckley’s “Lover You Should Have Come Over” for no other reason than it’s that kind of song..

I like planning my next haircut or wondering what in the blue hell I’m gonna wear to all the weddings that are springing up on me…I don’t like sleeping in late on weekdays, it makes me feel like one of those unemployed moochers…I do work, I swear.. just not in the ‘normal’ sense…emmm…

I like Tayto cheese and onion sandwhiches and a cup of tea, even though I can’t eat dairy..funny I know..I like pizza without cheese and desserts without cream…I have a pathological fear of ice lolly sticks and won’t eat ice creams that have them, it’s cornettos all the way for me…I can’t stand it when people open crisp bags upside down or when they rub their eyebrows the wrong way…but other than all of this i’m a walk in the park.

Welcome to my blog…stay, have a cup of tea, have a read, have a laugh..don’t report me to the authorities though. Not yet…

Enjoy x

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Singer, songwriter, student radio broadcaster, teacher, commitment-phobe, depressive, loudmouth, Facebook obsessive, blogging addict, celebrity hassler, professional stalker, pipe dreamer, ambitious young thing!
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