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Ask J-Ro: Cocktails And Consequences

How can you fix a friendship that you ruined while drunk? Read on…

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Ask J-Ro: It’s Okay To Not Feel Okay – Get Talking!

If you’re in despair, or thinking the world would be better off without you – you could not be more wrong. You have options. Just take even the smallest step forward, and you’ll see you are not alone. There’s lots of us out there.

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Me And My Shadow – Five Years On

Looking back on my first post about my own battle with depression, I discover that there’s no such thing as a happy ending – it’s a constant process. And that’s actually okay.

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Ask J-Ro: When Past Hurts Become Present Issues

Trying not to carry forward old baggage from previous relationships is easier said than done, but you’ve got to treat a new lover as a blank slate…

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Ask J-Ro: In Sex, It Works Both Ways…

When it comes to sex in relationships, it’s all about the spirit of giving – on BOTH sides…

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Ask J-Ro: Getting Back In The Game

Confidence can take a battering after a relationship ends, but it’s easy to build it up again with good friends and a little bit of self-administered TLC…

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Ask J-Ro: Once Bitten, Twice Shy, Rightly So…

With a new relationship, it’s okay to keep your cards close to your chest if you’ve been hurt before…

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Ask J-Ro: New Love Vs Old Insecurities

What to do when an insecurities threaten a new relationship? Read on..

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